Ready to flip houses from your couch, the beach, or anywhere you desire?

If you want to flip one house a year or one hundred per year our proprietary marketing, operations, and disposition systems will enable you to do so FULLY virtually regardless of your experience level!


Quick results!

“I joined Brain and Nates JV partnership a few months ago and it has been one of the best decisions I've made in my real estate career! Once I joined with these guys, I quickly noticed the system their system is the real deal! I believed in them so much, I kicked my W-2 career in the ass and divorced corporate America! I knew that I needed to focus and double down on learning along side these guys, my gut was "this is something special and scalable". Since making the decision, I've created over 100k in profits coming in! Brian and Nate are not only the real deal in virtual wholesaling, but genuine friends that I'll forever be grateful for! ”


- John Evans

Quick results!

"Working with Nate and Brian has helped us get our marketing going in the right direction. When you get down to it numbers don’t lie, in three months, we’ve closed three deals."


- Tina and Dietrich Covington

Quick results!

"Deciding to work with Brian and Nate has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my business so far. Not only are they teaching me how to market effectively, but the advice provided to help me grow and scale my business the correct way is second to none. If you’re looking to hit that next level immediately, they definitely can help you reach whatever goals you have present in front of you."


- Logan Rodgers

"My little kids thank you!"

"I used to go through the day, save all charts for the end of the day and go through them/edit with my scribe, tacking on an extra 1-1.5 hours at the end of the day. Then I’d have to sign the notes. But since your course, I end the day with all charts done! How freakingly amazing is that?

I now get to go home and enjoy time with my family, not burdened by my tasks to do or charts waiting for me.
I can’t believe it took me this long to learn this.

Thank you so much! This is a real game changer! My little kids thank you, too (in their drooly kind of way)!"


- Ranee Lleva, MD (Endocrinology)

Students netting over six-figures in 60 days

Manage multiple flips at same time

Use little to none own money in deals

Brian Sigmon

How Brian got his start:

After graduating from college in Washington State, Brian began working for Boeing for a short stint. Corporate life did not suit him well. After a short year he was terminated from his position, he then sold everything and began to travel the world. After running out of funds he decided to move to Charleston, SC. A couple failed businesses later he soon discovered real estate in 2018, he wholesale a couple houses that year and then did his first flip. In 2019, he began flipping more homes and began to really build out systems/processes to maximize profits. At the start of 2020, Brian posted a Facebook ad and Nate responded. The two grabbed a beer and thought they would make a great team sure enough they were right. They discovered a way to remove the liability of flipping but keep the speed of a transaction with wholesaling. The two have now wholetailed over 52 homes in the last 12 months, still with momentum to gain. They decided to launch a plethora of products to help others have success with this exit strategy as well. If you are starting out your real estate career or are already doing deals and you are looking to take your business to new heights, Brian and Nate have the knowledge and know how to get you where you deserve to be.

Nate Hirschberg

Growing up in a small rural town of Virginia Nate began his professional career working on a farm at the age of 15. Once Nate turned 18 he decided to enlist in the United States Army. While on activity duty Nate served as a member of a Combat Arms Unit that was enacted as the Quick Reaction Force for Global Terrorism earning the Global War on Terrorism Expeditonary Medal in addition to many other achievements and campaign medals. 

Once getting out of the military Nate began a new career in the fitness industry. He started working in the maintenance department while he got his credentials to be a  Nationally Accredited Personal Trainer. It did not take long for Nate to realize his interest in Operations and Sales thus working his way up to becoming the General Manager of the company. Nate and his team grew the fitness facility from one location and 4,000 members to three locations with over 15,000 members and 120 employees. 
Upon exiting the fitness industry to pursue new ventures Nate worked as a member of the outside sales force for Jordan Belfort, The Wolf of Wall Street. It was at the same time Nate entered into the real estate space by wholesaling homes in Miami Florida. Upon moving to Charleston, SC.  Nate took all of the knowledge he had learned pertaining to growing an operation and paired up with his partner Brian. The first year together the duo flipped over 30 homes in one market while creating operational structure along the way. 
Serving with integrity and passion Nate and Brian can take anyone regardless of level of experience and make them a successful real estate operator.